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"The Other Life"   Vol I

The Other Life DVD - Vol I
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From the wide open Prairies of Saskatchewan to the rugged and unforgiving badlands of Alberta, Anthony Springer captures the raw emotion and the reality of targeting mature, world class big game animals.  The Other Life is a powerful, authentic, action-packed outdoorsman's story and a must watch for any North American big game hunter.


  • The first hunting film of its kind

  • All new, never seen before

  • 100% fair chase

  • 7 hunts (archery, muzzleloader, & rifle)


A young, motivated filming and outfitting company based out of Alberta & Saskatchewan, those involved in Wheat Kings live their lives in the outdoors. Endless hours spent in the field studying and pursuing world class big game with friends and family is what they live for, every year releasing new productions to film which are filled with endless realism and the raw emotion of  hunting trophy calibre big game animals. All of their adventures revolve around the “Do It Yourself” style of hunting which the majority of outdoorsmen experience.